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Jeepers January

According to, saving money is one of the top 5 most popular resolutions made while also being the one that is most commonly failed. While we are unable to help you with your urge to go on shopping sprees and spend money, we can help you easily save money on at least your energy [...]

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Junky July

Drains can become clogged easily and can eventually clog the pipe. Something to help prevent this is to watch what you put in them. Smart, eh? This includes cooking grease, coffee grounds, hair, or left-over food. Regular cleaning is another great prevention method. Run hot water through the sink after each use and on a [...]

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J-Hook June

Planning on putting plumbing that needs some extra support or do you have plumbing that is beginning to sag or rattle? If so, j-hooks are to the rescue! J-hooks are also known as ‘pipe hangers’ and there are many different kinds of them, but they all do the same thing and have the same basic [...]

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Mark It May

Planning to put in a new fence or mailbox? New home improvements coming soon? Take a moment to do this before you start your work.   Knowing the location and area of your plumbing pipe can be vital when digging. If you hit a pipeline or any underground utility, it could cost you a lot [...]

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ABCs of Backflows April

Water should be coming to your house by a one-way flow only, backflow is a term in plumbing that means water is flowing in the opposite direction that it is supposed to. This happens when the pressure quickly drops and the flow of the water will reverse and suck unhealthy water from cross-connected  into your [...]

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Main Shut-Off Valve March

Do you know where the main water shut-off valve is in your house or office? If you don't know off the top of your head, then you need to locate it and remember where it is in case there is ever a major leak. Most people are unaware of where their main water shut-off valve [...]

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Frozen Pipe February

It's winter here in the midwest and temperatures have plunged below freezing more than a few times this year. At Mayes Plumbing, we know that a couple days of extreme cold can cause problems with plumbing fixtures and pipes. The most important thing to do is to protect your pipes during these cold winter months. [...]

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